Candidates for the GNOME Foundation 2011 Elections

Below you will find a list of candidates who are running for the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors. A short summary statement from each candidate and a link to their full candidacy announcement is provided to help you learn more about them. We encourage all voters to read the full candidacy statements and related discussions on

When deciding who you should vote for, please carefully consider the various tasks the Board of Directors must perform. This overview may be helpful. Keep in mind that the board will make a number of important decisions and will also have to perform many tasks which require a significant amount of time and effort and the ability to work and communicate with other people, companies, and the media. The board of directors will represent GNOME to companies and the world in a very real way. It is a good idea to strive for a well-balanced board consisting of people with various backgrounds, skills, and perspectives.

Additional elections details can be found on the GNOME Foundation Web Site.

If you have any questions, please send them to either or to us at

Candidates for the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors

  1. Shaun McCance
    Affiliation: Syllogist LLC
    Full statement at
    I've been actively involved in GNOME since, when I took over Yelp development and leadership of the documentation team. I've been the documentation guy ever since. I love GNOME, and I want to contribute in new ways.
  2. Andrea Veri
    Affiliation: None
    Full statement at
    I started my GNOME adventure around three years ago while I was working on uploading GNOME 2.28 into Debian Unstable as a member of the awesome Debian’s GNOME Team. After a few months I decided to apply to join the GNOME Foundation and on the 12th of November ’09 I had the great announcement that my application was accepted. During that period both the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee and the Accounts Team weren’t having good times , the queues were huge, most of the members were inactive and didn’t have enough time to cover all the items that were coming in. I decided to start contributing and time by time I cleaned up the whole queues [1], updating team’s Wiki pages, setting up meetings and discussions to renew our guidelines and policies. I am proud to say that within two years both the Membership Committee and the Accounts Team are on top of the requests, everything is processed in a timely manner and finally this is no more a bottleneck like it was in the past.
  3. Rodrigo Moya
    Affiliation: Canonical
    Full statement at
    I joined the GNOME project in 1998 and have since then worked on several projects (Evolution, GNOME-DB, Control Center, gnome-settings-daemon and others) both on my free time and while working for some GNOME-related companies (Ximian, Novell and Canonical now).
  4. Emmanuele Bassi
    Affiliation: Open Source Technology Center, Intel UK Ltd, part of the Intel Corporation
    Full statement at
    I started contributing to the GNOME project in 2003; I worked on the Perl language bindings, I co-maintain the GNOME Utilities, I contribute to GLib and GTK+, and maintain the Clutter toolkit. I also organize the GTK Team meetings on IRC by collecting the agenda and keeping the minutes and the log of the meetings. I contribute to GNOME both as part of my job and on my free time.
  5. Pockey Lam
    Affiliation: None
    Full statement at
    As a founding member of the GNOME.Asia committee,Beijing GUG and Taiwan GUG I strive to promote GNOME in Asia. I am one of the lead organizers of the GNOME.Asia Summit since its inception (China, Vietnam, Taiwan, India) as well as assisting numerous groups to start and grow their GUGs in their area. I also organized the first GNOME Hackfest in Asia supported by the release and marketing teams, to work on preparing the GNOME 3.0 release. Within 4 years GNOME.Asia committee has been growing from organizing an annual conference to running different projects. One of those successful initiatives was to put together the GNOME 3 launch parties campaign and ensure people would know about it. With 141 parties worldwide I feel this has been a tremendous succe
  6. Stormy Peters
    Affiliation: Mozilla
    Full statement at
    I am running for the GNOME Board of Directors because the people of GNOME are awesome! I believe strongly that the technology should be accessible to everyone regardless of financial status, language, physical ability, religious beliefs, politics, ... GNOME, both the desktop and the technologies that are part of GNOME, are a very important part of making technology accessible to everyone. The GNOME Foundation plays an important role in the world of free software and technology and I believe that I can make a difference and help GNOME fulfill its mission by helping the GNOME Foundation be successful.
  7. Bastien Nocera
    Affiliation: Red Hat UK Ltd.
    Full statement at
    After my maiden year on the Board last year, I feel that I have a better grasp of what my position should be within the GNOME Foundation Board.
  8. Brian Cameron
    Affiliation: Oracle
    Full statement at
    I have great passion for advocating free software. I think this is a common bond that ties all of the different people in the GNOME community together. I am excited to run for a 4th term on the GNOME Board of Directors. The past year has been busy as the board has been working hard to make the GNOME 3 release exciting and successful. Now it is time for some follow through, and I anticipate that this will keep us busy the coming year.
  9. Lionel Dricot
    Affiliation: Lanedo
    Full statement at
    I believe that the current board is doing a great job and that GNOME is an amazing project which carries a lot of business opportunities.
  10. Germán Póo-Caamaño
    Affiliation: None
    Full statement at
    I am a contributor since 2000 and I am running for re-election for the Foundation Board because I am confident there is plenty of room where I can help to GNOME and its community, as in the two previous years, bringing a different perspective and an independent voice.
  11. Andre Klapper
    Affiliation: Openismus GmbH
    Full statement at
    I don't have a grand plan or great thoughts to offer so feel free to consider this a weak application, but with the great momentum that we received by the release of GNOME 3.0 my main motivation is to help pushing outreach and motivate more people to contribute and get involved. Concretely this means "restarting" the gnome-love initiative (Sri had some great ideas that I'd love to steal) and a better outreach to downstream communities (e.g. with regard to translation upstreaming). Plus sometimes I would have prefered to see more transparency in GNOME with regard to decision making on our sometimes bumpy way to GNOME 3.0 so one task will be to find ways to facilitate.
  12. Ryan Lortie
    Affiliation: Codethink Limited
    Full statement at
    Please don't vote for me because you recognise my name and think that I wrote some nice software or because the other candidates don't have as nice of a free t-shirt collection.
  13. Diego Escalante Urrelo
    Affiliation: Igalia
    Full statement at
    With a more experienced point of view, a record of stuff done, and a new background in communication, I'd like to join the Board again to help.

Additional Elections-related Information

Note, that according to the Bylaws Article VIII Section 2d there is a 2-person maximum on the number of people affiliated with any one company that can be on the board: if more than 2 persons from one company get elected, only the top 2 vote getters will get on. You will be able to vote for up to 7 candidates of your choice, with no restrictions, except that you cannot vote more than once for the same candidate.

If you have any futher question, please consult the Rules for this election or write to