Results for the 2005 Fall Board of Directors Election

Please note that these results are automatically calculated and are thus not the official results.

Choose up to 7 candidates you want to see on the board next year

169 members voted for this election. The repartition of the votes is:

Luis Villa (119 votes)
Jeff Waugh (115 votes)
Federico Mena-Quintero (106 votes)
Jonathan Blandford (105 votes)
David Neary (102 votes)
Anne Østergaard (97 votes)
Vincent Untz (93 votes)
Quim Gil (77 votes)
Behdad Esfahbod (66 votes)
Germán Poó Caamaño (59 votes)
Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller (55 votes)
Bastien Nocera (46 votes)
Dominic Lachowicz (43 votes)

The automatic result of this election is thus:

Luis Villa
Jeff Waugh
Federico Mena-Quintero
Jonathan Blandford
David Neary
Anne Østergaard
Vincent Untz

Please look at the list of all votes and verify that your vote is correct.